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Knowledge of data

Do you want to stay up to date? Then you have come to the right place. Here you get the latest knowledge and wise words about working with data.

From Ingest to Insights: Building robust Data Lakehouses with Microsoft Fabric

Increase efficiency with Data Lakehouse and Microsoft Fabric, powered by our framework! Create optim...

Computer Vision in the financial sector

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming smarter and smarter every day. The sophisticated algorithms...

Churn prediction in financial companies: How to get started



Satisfied customers are the foundation of most businesses. They generate a steady stream of income a...

Five tips for getting Machine Learning into production.

Do you also have a feeling that your data contains more potential than your company is currently harvesting? Being able to extract deep insights from data or automate manual tasks with a data application often relies on Machine Learning as part of the foundation.

Responsible AI

This blog post takes you through three important focus areas regarding ethics and responsibility in AI solutions.

Technology and technical skills fail in the absence of purpose.

AI has enormous potential, and we see both willingness and visions of being more "data-driven" and leveraging data optimally. However, the good intentions to stay ahead with intelligent AI solutions are often met with the same challenge: How do you actually create value with AI? Read the blog post a...

What is Explainable AI?

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what explainability means within AI, as well as the types of information that can be extracted from AI/ML models.

How to get AI out of the sandbox

Today, the door to AI is open for all businesses, but few are able to fully exploit the technology. In this blog post, you can read about the three primary reasons why AI often remains a toy in the sandbox - and our recipe for how you can get the full potential of AI across your organization.

Master Data Management: Dos and Dont’s

We have now, in a series of blog posts, covered the key topics within master data management. Perhaps you are already feeling well-equipped to dive into MDM in your own company – or maybe you just need that final piece to get started or move forward.

Master Data Management: Governance – Organization, Roles, and Responsibilities


In the last blog post, we talked about master data governance with a focus on data and the policies and guidelines that your organization must follow to ensure coordinated and systematic use of master data. In this blog post, we will talk about the other part of MDM governance – your organization, r...