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Implementation and anchoring

We follow your project all the way

The common thread and good chemistry is essential

twoday kapacity’s Solution Delivery Framework (SDF) is designed to help you reach your success criteria.

It is essential that the chemistry between your company and our implementation consultants is good. Therefore, we always draw up our teams on a case-by-case basis in order to ensure optimal cooperation. Your project will be allocated a project owner at twoday kapacity who will ensure that your project is followed through and that there is a common thread running through the whole project

Our craft is business analytics, and implementation always complies with our SDF, which has been developed based on 15+ years of experience with Business Analytics projects. Our consultants are fully capable of familiarising themselves with your company due to our expertise in all phases of a business intelligence project – from initial analysis to design, development and implementation of the finished solution.

To ensure a successful implementation and anchoring of a project, our SDF is based on three main principles:

Integrated framework

Our SDF is an integrated framework that supports services, tools and processes that are important to ensure close cooperation as well as successful implementation and anchoring of the project.

Scalable to support your project

The delivery is structured in phases. The first phases are structured according to the waterfall principle – the phases take place in a fixed order and are not started until the previous phase has been executed – to ensure a common understanding of business requirements and value. The development phase is delivered according to agile principles, where we ensure continuous deliveries and business value based on your priorities.

Based on Best Practice

Our SDF is based on APMG’s agile project- and change management method combined with twoday kapacity’s own experiences from over 1000+ projects over the last 15+ years.




Purpose, business value & scope – let’s have a talk



Firm foundation

Get started



Agile development

Prioritization, development, and frequent deliveries




Sign off and handover



Customer care

Ongoing development and support

A good solution is only one step on the journey

When we build a solution, we strive to get all the way around a business. A Business Analytics project is not only about technology and data, but also about people and culture.


The journey begins and ends with change management

Building a good solution is thus only one step on the way to reach a successful implementation and anchoring. For the project to be a success, it is also about including the people on the BI journey. That is why we also focus on change management in our framework..

Change management is a discipline that focuses on people’s reactions to change to be able to improve and equip the individual, teams and companies to successfully embrace change.

We can help in all stages of the BI journey

Therefore, it is a natural part of our project management to make a change management assessment of the company at the beginning of a project, where we, among other things. focuses on:

  • What is the change about?
  • Who is involved?
  • What influence does the culture have?
  • How big is the motivation for the change?
  • Where will the change have an impact, and how hard will the impact be?

Based on the above, we will make recommendations for the next steps. This assessment is made to ensure that those involved have the skills to use the solution and end up doing so as well. As the implementation progresses, this assessment is updated to guide you safely through the BI journey.

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