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Streamlined consolidation, budgeting, forecasting & planning in a flexible solution with many opportunities for insight and analysis in a transparent environment.

What is Jedox?

Jedox has in a short amount of time achieved success in the market for CPM software. They have developed a solution that supports common Performance Management disciplines such as consolidation, budgeting, forecasting, KPI management, cost allocation and reporting. The background for the success is a high degree of user-friendliness, low total cost of ownership and not least the ability to self-manage and further develop the solution to suit the company’s needs.

Jedox provides integrated solutions that allow your company to consolidate and analyze current results, assess current performance via key figures and support a forecasting and budgeting process that may take place in Excel and include input from the entire organization. An optimized consolidation or planning process will free up time so that you can focus on more value-creating activities.

Why should you choose Jedox?

There are many reasons to why you should choose Jedox. Below we have gathered the features we find most important.

New interfaces or familiar surroundings

Jedox has an intuitive interface, whether you want to work in Excel or in a browser. Jedox comes with an Excel add-in that ensures that data can be accessed from Microsoft Excel, in which it is possible to utilize both Jedox and Excel functions as well as make write-back directly from Excel to the relevant database. With the help of transparent web reports, users in the business units will quickly become familiar with the use of Jedox and trained resources, in e.g. finance, will be able to design and publish reports.

Complete and agile foundation

Jedox provides the most complete and agile foundation for tackling the company’s financial tasks. Whether the company’s tasks are simple or complex, the solution landscape can be kept simple and controlled. In addition, Jedox can enable business units to work with their own models and reports. Jedox is based on technology that creates a broad foundation, which enables step-by-step expansion of the solution and it is thereby possible to continuously includes different processes under the same user license.


Jedox can give the business access to data as well as the opportunity to make its own analyzes, as the role-based security management with full audit trail ensures that data is used as intended and exclusively by the persons authorized for use. It is also possible to see who has made which changes to the data.

Effortless data integration

Jedox is an open platform where it is possible to integrate data from and to all source systems. A collection of all data ensures optimal use of the information often found in local databases or Excel sheets. Jedox also integrates directly with existing Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI. Power BI allows you to embed a Jedox report in a Power BI dashboard, whereby updating new expectations can be updated in connection with analysis without switching applications between Power BI & Jedox.

In-memory teknologi

Jedox is based on in-memory technology, which ensures optimal performance on even large amounts of data and can also be installed on customers’ own environment or run on Jedox cloud (based on MS Azure).

Supports all departments of your company

Jedox models provide applications to support all departments of your company – from finance to sales, HR, etc. The models are based on Best Practice from around the world and have been tested by industry experts, so you can start your next project safely and quickly. You can also add more models as desired.

Watch this short video to get a quick overview of Jedox.

Jedox gets top rankings

Jedox has achieved several top rankings in BARC’s annual “The Planning Survey 20”, which is the world’s largest survey of Planning Software users. They have been given top positions in the categories; Business value, Project length, Data integration and Self-service.


Are you ready to hear more?

twoday kapacity has invested heavily in building Jedox competencies so that today we can offer robust and efficient Performance Management solutions in Jedox.

These solutions can support financial processes such as consolidation, forecasting, budgeting, cost allocation, reporting and more. The solutions can stand alone or be integrated with e.g. an existing Microsoft Data warehouse and Power BI solution.

Jedox offers a flexible solution that gives you many opportunities to work efficiently with your financial processes, and twoday kapacity can help with everything from your digital strategy, implementation, training and change management.


Who is twoday kapacity and why us?

At twoday kapacity, we create quality solutions that we can be proud of. We were founded in 2008 with a desire to deliver world-class Data Warehouse and Business Analytics solutions.

The customer in focus
In twoday kapacity, we always focus on the customers’ needs and challenges. With the flexible structure of Jedox, we can together create a catalog of possible solutions, and jointly make a plan; what we call Co-Build. The built-in user-friendliness of Jedox allows our customers to be self-servicing, where twoday kapacity will advise on the use of Jedox, so that solutions become robust, easy to maintain and based on specialist knowledge.

Many years of experience and know-how
Since 2008, we have grown to be one of the leading players in the Danish Business Intelligence industry. We believe that experience is the key to successful projects. Today we have several hundred projects behind us. This provides invaluable know-how that we bring into your project

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