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Posts about Master Data Management

Master Data Management: Dos and Dont’s

We have now, in a series of blog posts, covered the key topics within master data management. Perhaps you are already feeling well-equipped to dive into MDM in your own company – or maybe you just need that final piece to get started or move forward.

Master Data Management: Governance – Organization, Roles, and Responsibilities


In the last blog post, we talked about master data governance with a focus on data and the policies and guidelines that your organization must follow to ensure coordinated and systematic use of master data. In this blog post, we will talk about the other part of MDM governance – your organization, r...

Master Data Management: Governance – Data & Compliance

In a previous blog post in our MDM series, we have discussed how master data is collected, modeled, cleaned, quality assured and shared for operational and analytical purposes. In this blog post, we will talk about how to ensure that the data you share in your organization lives up to your internal ...

Master Data Management - what and why?


Master Data Management has been on the agenda for many companies for some years now, but only in recent years has there been particular focus on introducing management of the company’s Master Data as a discipline.

Master Data Management: Golden Record

This is another blog post in a series where we go into depth about typical problems within Master Data Management and how to resolve them. In this blog, we will define a Golden Record and explore how you can create one.

Master Data Management: Quality measurement and overview

This is the third out of six blog posts in our series about Master Data Management. This time, you can learn more about quality measurement and overview.