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Since its foundation in 2008, twoday kapacity has helped more than 300 companies improve both their operations and their overview with strong and innovative business analytics solutions. You will find our case stories and details of some of the projects on which we have worked, as well as responses from our customers, below.

Aarstiderne gains unique insight into customer loyalty

twoday kapacity’s Customer Churn Framework identifies customers who are at risk of becoming inactive

Unifeeder collect reports across development tools

With twoday kapacity Information Hub, Unifeeder gains an overview of reports and increases report activity by 55%.

Alumeco makes better decisions based on BI

Alumeco has continuously developed into a company that is in control of their data and can make decisions based on their insight into data. Most recently, a churn prediction model has been developed that provides new insights into customer data.

AURA Energi collects data in one system and achieves “one truth”

AURA goes from manual processes and time-consuming spreadsheets to greater accessibility and a common data reality with a new BI-solution.

CBS gets new finance solution and associated BI foundation

With the new BI foundation, CBS can develop based on a standardized framework

GN utilizes machine learning to analyze customer feedback

This enables them to answer a very valuable question – what the users think about their products.

Krifa reaches new heights with a modern Data Warehouse

With a modern Data Warehouse based on the latest technology, Krifa can now make better decisions based on a common ground.

Maersk Tankers democratizes access to data with new data platform

The cloud platform from Microsoft Azure makes it easier for Maersk Tankers to service all parts of the organization with data and increases collaboration in data projects across departments.

Matas gains a deeper customer insight with a new cloud data platform

With a flexible data platform in Azure Matas takes full advantage of their data. Now users and suppliers can gain groundbreaking insights into their customers.

NAC makes value-adding decisions with new Data Warehouse

And with twoday kapacity Information Hub, they have a unified user platform that makes it easy to find the reports and data, they need.

NPI gains insight into data with Power BI solution from twoday kapacity

This makes it easier for NPI to make the right decisions while saving time every day.

Information Hub makes it easy to access reports at Nuuday

With ‘one point of entry’, Nuuday saves time by collecting reporting across different sources in twoday kapacity Information Hub.

Nykredit future-proofs their data platform with Microsoft Azure

In cooperation with twoday kapacity, Nykredit has developed a modern data environment in Azure that consolidates data and makes it easier to develop AI and Machine Learning models.

OrderYOYO professionalizes the use of data and takes the next step in their growth journey

OrderYOYO is a software company that provides ordering, payment and marketing solutions to smaller takeaway restaurants. Since their beginning in 2015 they have delivered continual growth. This growth has increased the complexity of their data sources at the same time as the need for deeper insight ...

Video-case: Orifarm increases the data quality and transparency with Jedox

Orifarm has implemented Jedox as their new EPM platform. Therefore, they now have one unified platform for their financial consolidation and forecasting.

Intelligent tool for prioritization automates the distribution of cases at Patienterstatningen

Automatic prioritization and distribution of cases ensure a smooth flow in Patienterstatningen’s case processing.

SEGES Innovation creates the future of agriculture with AI and MLOps

SEGES Innovation researches and develops solutions for the food and agricultural sector of the future. For more than 40 years, they have worked to bridge the gap between research and practical experience to improve agriculture and reduce its impact on the environment.

Sønderjysk Forsikring G/S supports growth with Jedox and a new dataplatform in Azure

Sønderjysk Forsikring reduces the amount of manual processes and time-consuming spreadsheets and gains deeper business insight.

AI-tool from twoday kapacity locates potential ruptures on water pipes at VandCenter Syd

The tool helps to avoid wastage of water and reduces the time spent on monitoring

VandCenter Syd uses machine learning to reduce ammonium emissions

The solution helps to create healthier aquatic environments in the sea, fjords and streams

Wrist is driven by data, analyzes and insights

With a new data strategy, Wrist has in record time gone from being guided by traditional reporting to today being driven by insights from data – with a modern Azure cloud data platform as the foundation.

DLF simplifies the access to data

By moving data to tabular cubes in the cloud, DLF achieves fewer bottlenecks, greater stability, and improved governance