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twoday kapacity Information Hub

Overview. Availability. Insight.

twoday kapacity Information Hub is designed to help your business consolidate and display reporting from one or more BI reporting tools and file libraries.

When reporting becomes too complex

In twoday kapacity, we meet a lot of companies that use several BI reporting tools to support the company’s reporting and analysis needs. There can be many reasons for this.

Over time, more and more reports and dashboards are being developed to support the company’s processes. New reporting is being developed because it is often difficult, if not impossible, to get a comprehensive overview of what already exists.

Whether you have been using several BI reporting tools for a long time, trying to consolidate different BI reporting tools into only one, or just started using a new reporting solution, there are some common challenges that all companies should be aware of:

  • How do we give the users an overview of existing reporting in the company, regardless of the BI platform and the writer?
  • How do we ensure a clear understanding of the different reports so they are properly read and definitions, ownership, and purpose of the report are agreed upon?
  • How do we get one place from where we can easily distribute all information related to reporting, such as definitions, report documentation, and BI information in general such as news, notifications, guidelines and course opportunities?

twoday kapacity Information Hub consolidates your reporting

twoday kapacity Information Hub is designed to help your business consolidate and display reports from one or several BI reporting tools and file libraries.

Information Hub allows you to link report documentation, key performance indicators, dimensions, ownership information and contact information with the report itself. This is something that many users will benefit greatly from in the day-to-day work.

In addition, twoday kapacity Information Hub does not contain any “physical” reports but only a layer of metadata that gives users a valuable overview of the reporting portfolio of your company.


"twoday kapacity Information Hub filled all our criteria for how we would like to access data. We considered a number of alternatives but couldn’t find anything better integrated with our Data Warehouse. We get a one-stop information shop for our data, where we with just a few clicks can find the information needed to make the right decision."

Kenneth Ullerup, Head of Group Strategy and Corporate Development hos NAC

Create value for your business with twoday kapacity Information Hub

twoday kapacity Information Hub addresses many of the challenges that exists when using several BI reporting tools:

  • to consolidate and visualize all reporting independently of the BI reporting tool.
  • to get definitions and report documentation linked to reporting.
  • to have a shared place for both reporting and other relevant BI information.

With twoday kapacity Information Hub your company will therefore be able to create value with for example:

  • “one-stop shop” for BI related content; a central location of reporting, documentation, Key Performance Indicators and dimensions, news section, notifications about system status and the possibility of e.g. a course catalog.
  • Intelligent search function that makes it easy and quick to search for relevant reporting.
  • A library with the company’s Key Performance Indicators and dimensions that are linked to the report when the documentation is created.

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