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Digital Strategy

The common thread between strategy and data

Your sparring partner within digital strategy

Digital Strategy at twoday kapacity is established to help define, plan and assist our customers’ digitisation journey in the short, medium and long term.

On this basis, we have gathered the best competences within Digital Strategy on the market. We are a good mix of hybrid profiles, with hands-on experience, management consulting toolbox and start-up mentality. With Digital Strategy as a collaboration partner for your project, you get an advisor with lots of practical experience, which will ensure that people, processes and technology work optimally together. We analyse, plan and execute with you, thus creating value during the process and via the final delivery.


The common thread between strategy and data

We increasingly experience that the interest and use of data has grown significantly over the last 10 years. Digitisation and data have moved from individual departments to a strategic item on the CXO agenda, which stems from the business value that can be achieved through increased digitisation.

The increased digitisation – and value realisation thereof – does however impose greater requirements for thinking in terms of strategy and the big picture due to an increase in dissemination and complexity. This applies both in terms of technology and business. At the same time, the increased digitisation leads to additional dependencies across the companies. This reinforces the need for one common strategic direction. A common thread and a schedule – right from data collection to the end users.

Digital Strategy adds value to the process – regardless of whether it is before or as part of a data project.

A good solution involves much more than good technology.

Our Digital Strategy services

Digital Strategy anchors your project and ensures that all variables have been taken into account.

We therefore typically help our customers with services concerning:

Data og BI strategy

Data and BI strategy are the common denominator for the majority of our services. For instance, this involves: What do we, as a company, want to achieve with data? Where are we today? What is the connection with the general business strategy and/or IT strategy? Which sub-components need to be included to fulfil the strategy?

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Operating Models, organisation and governance

Operating Models, organisation and governance. Analysis, advice and preparation of strategy and models for: “Who does what, when and why?” Our services in this area concern process and analysis, process definitions, roles and rights, technical setup, anchorage, advice on ownership, self-service, etc.

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Assessments and roadmaps

Assessments and roadmaps help our customers to gain an overview of existing data and BI (and possibly AI) maturity. This involves an analysis of strengths and challenges as well as Kapacity’s recommendations for what the customer can do about the challenges and how. The recommendations involve strategy, reporting, business support, cooperation, data architecture, data and BI competences, communication, development methods, etc. On the basis of the factors above, Digital Strategy will help you to prepare a roadmap that establishes a common thread between the numerous variables that constitute the full value of data and BI solutions.

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BI Business Partnering

BI Business Partnering. Advisor, sparring partner, driver, and facilitator for/between data, BI and the IT departments and the business to analyse and identify needs, facilitate workshops, prepare prototypes, anchorage, etc.

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