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Our solutions are carefully selected based on a thorough assessment of technology, performance, security, price and how it works with other solutions.

On the pages below, you can read about the solutions and tools we use for Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Data Warehouse and Artificial Intelligence.


Microsoft Power BI

With Power BI you can analyze all kinds of data and transform them into beautiful dashboards that make it easy to make the right decisions – quickly.

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Mirosoft Azure Services

Azure has ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges.

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twoday kapacity Information Hub

Kapacity Information Hub is designed to help your business collect and display reporting from one or several BI reporting tools and file libraries.

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Customer Churn & Retention Framework

The framework uses your data combined with the latest in machine learning to predict which customers are most likely to leave you.

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Tabular Editor

Tabular Editor makes it easy to build, maintain and administer Tabular Models and gives an intuitive overview of all objects in your Tabular Model metadata

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Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps er en platform, der giver brugeren et redskab til let at bygge brugerdefinerede apps til både mobil og web - og som digitaliserer og automatiserer dine forretningsprocesser

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Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics er en analysetjeneste, som kombinerer store Data Warehouses med Big Data Analytics, og produktet er en evolution af Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

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Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks gør det nemt at analysere selv meget store datamængder ved hjælp af den enorme regnekraft, der findes i cloud-miljøet.

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Strømlinet konsolidering, budgettering, forecasting & planlægning i en fleksibel løsning med mange muligheder for indsigt og analyse i et transparent miljø.

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