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What is BI Business Partnering?

BI Business Partnering is a discipline, a role and an approach. It is a mindset and a way to work across differences, across technical understandings and across internal political agendas. BI Business Partnering is therefore largely also about being capable to reflect, analyse and advise across interests and data/BI expertise. Trust and the ability to interact with people on equal terms are therefore critical for success with BI Business Partnering

In Digital Strategy at twoday kapacity, we specialise in helping our customers, both by performing the BI Business Partnering role as well as helping to establish the approach and mindset behind BI Business Partnering going forward. Our qualifications in the BI Business Partner discipline have been attained through many different projects in different countries, industries and sizes, which gives us a better basis for reflection.


How can BI Business Partnering help your company?

  • By acting as the link between business and technology
  • Through facilitation of workshops
  • Scope and breaking down tasks
  • Preparing or assisting with the preparation of analyses
  • Performing partial deliveries as adviser and practitioner
  • Delivering internal “co-work” side by side with the customer’s BI and data department
  • Running and managing new data and BI initiatives, including anchorage

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