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What is Visual First?

Visual First is a cost-effective method that gives you a good idea of the expected outcome of the implementation of BI in your organization before you choose to implement it in a full scale.

If you are unsure whether to invest in a larger BI solution, Visual First can help you shed light on the benefits through a smaller, initial cost.

What does a typical approach look like?


We take you through essential visualization principles, so we get a common language and goal for visualizing your business data.

Kick-off – your situation and wishes

We will look into your vision for reporting and visualization. We review already known requirements. We review existing reports together. We clarify the different user profiles, the usage situation, relevant KPIs and of course will address the choice of technology.

Design workshop

Based on twoday kapacity’s experience we will together with you make decisions about everything from the placement of information on the screen and general considerations regarding user-friendliness, navigation, and storytelling, to the use of colors and effects as well as adaptation to your specific branding wishes.

Conceptualization and prototyping

Based on the visualization design, twoday kapacity will quickly assemble a prototype. We need a small sample of representative data from you. Together we review the prototype and decide on the final design.

Evaluation and conclusion

You already have a delivery: a design manual and a prototype. The next step can be the development of more reports, data processing, production maturation, training, etc. We advise and deliver according to what is the best solution for you.

Do you want to get started? So do we

Do as a large number of the country’s most ambitious companies:
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Partner & CCO
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