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Business Intelligence loaded with features

TARGIT is one solution

With TARGIT you get data from all your systems in a single user interface. All employees are empowered with the needed overview to make critical decisions faster.

Data-driven decision making

Data must be coherent and accessible to all decision makers when and where they need it. You always need to ask an additional question to the results you see. If the answer is not immediately available, you run the risk of taking decisions that are not supported by facts.

With TARGIT, everyone can build, view and customize analyzes as required. The data presented in the cross tables, graphs and charts can now show patterns in your data that you could not previously see.


TARGIT is designed for the entire organization

  • The CEO, who follows the most important key figures and communicates a direction for the company.
  • The Sales Department, who needs customer insight and understanding of the results of various products, vendors and markets.
  • Marketing, who cares about how expensive it is to create new businesses and will understand which marketing channels are most effective.
  • Finance, who needs reliable and punctual reporting – and wants to save time making analyzes for all decision makers.
  • IT, who is responsible for data security and processes around data handling.

TARGIT has thought of all of them. In fact, TARGIT is recognized by BARC for the ability to be spread out in every corner of the company.


Video-case: Normal

Normal has gone from handling large amounts of data in Excel to a new Data Warehouse from Kapacity and a new front end from TARGIT. This has made the business more agile because they save time on product analysis. Time they can spend on value-adding decisions instead. See the entire case in the video below:

Invite suppliers and customers to see data

The value of Business Intelligence can reach far beyond your internal organization.

Enhance collaboration with suppliers and customers by making information available to them. Let suppliers see how popular their products are in your store, or how much of the product you still have in stock. And let customers see orders over time and warn them automatically, when they need to reorder.


Meeting different information needs

The functionality in TARGIT is built around creating the best visualizations that support different information needs at different stages of the decision making. This ensures that every employee moves as quickly as possible from observing a problem to pursuing an action.

Overview in Real time dashboards

Get an overview of the results of the company or team. Set up visualizations of your Key Performance Indicators so that everyone knows the objectives to be met. Dashboards can be personalized with custom gauges to relate to your business.

Motivate with Storyboards

Inspire teams to run in the same direction. You can hang big screens up in the office that shows results in real time. View the company’s objectives, the team’s performances, fluctuations in the production line or other measuring points, you wish to have a special focus on.

Understand patterns in your data with Analytics

When you receive a report or view a dashboard, you are always just a click away from an analysis that explains the correlations, trends and other dimensions. Benchmark performance, create top lists, anticipate trends. Email and share with others.

Data Discovery with Data Service

Everyday life is changing, and you also need to make decisions on data that has not been through the IT department. With TARGIT, you can perform analyzes on data that is not structured in the Data Warehouse yet. Perhaps you have carried out a customer survey or find external data you want to analyze in detail.

Be warned automatically via Agents

The system monitors the results and sends you an e-mail or a pop-up on your phone when you need to respond.

Do business on the move with Mobile BI

Decisions must also be supported with facts when you’re on the road, and a good Business Intelligence solution follows you wherever you go.

Create the necessary overview of your different data sources

Consolidate, analyze and understand data from ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation, WMS, excel, social media and external Big Data sources…

The list of applications is endless, and TARGIT interacts with both multidimensional and relational databases. You get all the information in one place which you can see, understand and act on right away.


Microsoft Dynamics integration

The research company Gartner has recognized TARGIT as the BI Vendor that focuses most on Dynamics users.

80% of TARGIT’s more than 5,000 customers have Dynamics AX or NAV as their ERP platform. Over time, TARGIT has therefore created some extraordinary products for Dynamics users.


Fast integration with “out of the box” analyzes and reports for Dynamics

Install TARGIT in a matter of hours, and discover how to get the value of Business Intelligence directly to your Dynamics ERP system. A good place to start experiencing rapid value before you incorporate data from other systems in your solution.

Deep integration to Dynamics

This means that you directly from your Dynamics ERP platform can view analyzes that for example matches the product family you are looking at. TARGIT can be incorporated directly into the ERP platform – so you can get answers immediately.

Deep integration with SharePoint

If you have a SharePoint platform, TARGIT gives you the opportunity to show data based on your user profile on the SharePoint Portal. You can therefore communicate results on the same platform where other internal business communication takes place.

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