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twoday kapacity Customer Care

Ensuring complete security for your solution

More than just a support hotline

twoday kapacity Customer Care is much more than just a conventional support function. The set-up includes a wide range of value-adding services that combine to ensure the complete security of your solution.

Get qualified help. Quickly

When you call twoday kapacity Customer Care, it is not an answering service, but rather a qualified employee who takes your call. Your request will usually be handled by a consultant with detailed knowledge of your particular solution.

Moreover, a flat structure ensures that your problem will not have to be escalated to many different levels in order to find the right solution.

The support line is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and in case of critical phases, it is also possible to have access to telephone support outside office hours.

Depending on your selected Customer Care level, we guarantee an initial response within as little as 1 hour after having received your inquiry.

Added value for your solution

In addition to the traditional support, twoday kapacity Customer Care includes a number of services that provide extra value and security for your solution:

Proactive monitoring

We monitor your solution 24/7 and will, therefore, often be able to solve the problems before they arise (only twoday kapacity Customer Care Level 1).

Health check

Once a year, you will receive a report with recommendations on new technology, scaling of hardware, etc. (only twoday kapacity Customer Care Level 1).

User statistics

We monitor the elements that are applied – and by which groups of employees. On the basis of this data, we are able to recommend how to develop and make the most of your solution (only twoday kapacity Customer Care Level 1 & 2).

twoday kapacity Customer Care – Service Levels

We have three different versions of twoday kapacity Customer Care. The support quality is the same, but the response times, extra services etc. vary according to the model:

Level 3


  • Support outside of opening hours: No
  • Monitoring: No
  • Proactive monitoring: No
  • Usage statistics: No
  • Health check: No

Level 2


  • Proactive monitoring: No
  • Usage statistics: No
  • Health check: No

Level 1


Contact twoday kapacity Customer Care

You can contact twoday kapacity Customer Care by phone, email, or via our portal. Learn more about the different options.


You can call Kapacity Customer Care Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.* If you have the Level 1 version of Customer Care, you have the opportunity to extend the opening hours during periods when the need may arise. No matter which agreement you have, + 45 70 30 29 09 is the number to call if you need to get in touch with Kapacity Customer Care.

Call Customer Care

Support portal

You can submit a new ticket in the twoday kapacity Customer Care portal by clicking the question mark in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can also access the portal by clicking the button below. In the portal, you will be able to submit new tickets and follow the existing ones.

twoday kapacity Customer Care Portal


You can also contact Kapacity Customer Care by sending an email to When you send an email to the above address, a ticket will be generated in the Customer Care portal and you will get a response with an expected time frame for the solution to your problem.

E-mail Customer Care

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