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Posts about Business Intelligence

How do we support the BI users' desire for self-service while ensuring optimal use of resources?

Many analysts and controllers desire great freedom to experiment with data, but how do we generally avoid the usage of data becoming too manual, thus not using company resources in a good way?

BI teamwork: How do you get a good collaboration between business and BI/IT?


A known problem regarding BI projects is the lack of cooperation between the business and the BI team/IT. Read our recipe for good BI teamwork here.

From data to BI solution – does the BI team deliver users dream?

The dialogue between the data users and the BI department can be difficult at times, and it is not always that the users feel that they have the BI solution they need. Here we give you the recipe for what needs to be covered, so you ensure that users get exactly the BI solution they are dreaming of.

Self-Service BI – what does it mean for different users?


Many BI departments are in a dilemma where the pressure for Self-Service BI is big and the resources to support it are limited.

We want to be data-driven, so why don’t users use our BI solution?


Read our suggestions of why many good BI solutions are not used – and avoid that the investment in your own BI solution is not wasted in advance.