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Posts about Digital Finance

Get control of the annual closing with Digital Finance - and some thoughts on 2020

Annual closing is primarily characterized by getting things organized, recording everything, and getting control of the many reconciliations and documentation for the audit. Data must be prepared and shared, and here you can advantageously use your data platform to optimize the process.

The role of the controller in the future – become an economic business partner with data skills

The finance department is undergoing a continuous digital transformation, where several tasks are being automated. This often happens with the use of new cloud technologies within ERP and BI. This development means that the traditional role of the controller as an Excel expert, solving a range of pa...

How to get good financial data: 4 typical challenges and how to solve them

Have you invested in a Business Intelligence (BI) financial solution for your reporting, but found that the solution is not working optimally in your everyday work? Or are you on your way to starting your BI journey, but don't quite understand the technology behind it and the language that IT speaks...

Make Business Intelligence and data analysis an integrated part of the monthly closing process

The increasing use of data and the heightened demand for compliance puts pressure on the finance department during the monthly closing process. With BI and data analysis, you can minimize the time spent on data collection and processing, freeing up more time to create an overview, analyze, and repor...