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Are you a Power BI user or do you work with data modelling in Analysis services? Then take a look as Daniel Otykier gives a thorough introduction to his tool, Tabular Editor. It’s four hours of learning that can save you countless hours of work.
June 24, 2021 twoday kapacity

Kapacity’s architect and Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Daniel Otykier, has provided four live demos for his tool, Tabular Editor, for the page The demos are ready for you to explore here.

What is Tabular Editor?

Tabular Editor is an open source tool that is easy and quick and lets you manipulate and administrate measurements, calculated columns, display of folders, perspectives and translations in Power BI data models as well as Analysis Services Tabular models (from Compatibility Level 1200 and onwards). Read more about Tabular Editor – and download the tool – here.



The demos consist of a total of four videos:

  • Introduction
    Daniel talks about the basic features of the tool. He explains how the tool was developed and why you need to know about it.
  • Use of scripts in Tabular Editor
    Scripting gives you the option to automate a long list of tasks, including creating measures, adding descriptions, constructing common calculations, hiding measures and much else.
  • Best Practice Analyzer
    Does your model run slowly? This function in Tabular Editor gives you the option to quickly review your entire model and find areas that can be improved.
  • DevOps
    Once you have a data model, can you then control the versions? And can several people work on the same data model? The answer to both questions is yes. In this video, Daniel will explain how to manage data models with a DevOps pipeline.

Watch the videos

1. Introduction



2. Use of scripts in Tabular Editor



3. Best Practice Analyzer



4. DevOps


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