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Kapacity is the Microsoft Partner of the Year and the Data & AI Partner of the Year.

Kapacity received Microsoft Partner of the Year and Data & AI Partner of the Year at the Microsoft Partner Awards 2019, held on January 17th.
January 18, 2019 twoday kapacity

Kapacity received the Microsoft Partner of the Year and the Data & AI Partner of the Year at the Microsoft Partner Awards 2019 held on January 17th. The decision was made by Microsoft's Danish leadership, and in her explanation ofgiving Kapacity the prestigious award, CEO Marianne Dahl said:

"Our partnership with our partners is fundamental to our work in driving digital transformation and innovation across sectors and industries. Microsoft Denmark has chosen Kapacity as the Partner of the Year in 2019 because they are investing 100% in a cloud-based business model, developing innovative digital solutions that leverage customers' data for the optimization and transformation of their businesses. It has been interesting and admirable to follow Kapacity's development and see how they have become a front-runner for digital transformation journeys based on the latest cloud technologies."

In addition to being named the Partner of the Year, Kapacity also won the important award as the Data & AI Partner of the Year. Marianne Dahl commented on this saying:

 "Kapacity has been named the Danish Data & AI Partner of the Year 2019 because they continue their impressive business development and have made a commendable investment in Data Science and artificial intelligence. The jury has emphasized the partner's strength in delivering data and BI projects based on the most modern cloud technologies to provide innovative solutions to customers across industries and segments. Kapacity plays an active role in an internal as well as external digital transformation, where data is the focal point."

 Søren Toft Joensen, CCO at Kapacity, commented on the awards: "The awards are the entire prize for Kapacity - and in reality also for our brave customers. It is a recognition of our ability to drive digital transformation using cloud and data. And it's a line under that this is what we're good at."

 And the award truly belongs to all of our fantastic and dedicated employees who work hard every day to be frontrunners and create solutions that create value for our customers. Thank you for your tireless and beautiful effort.

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