Data Quality Management course

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Kapacity’s course in data quality management is the right course for you who are already using Power BI and would like to learn how to ensure that the data quality is as good as it is expected to be. In this course, you will learn about the theories behind data quality rules, why they are important and how to calculate and visualize data quality rules in Power BI.

Take control of your data quality

In this course, you will learn about the theory of master data and the typical challenges regarding this in an organization. You will learn how to set up data quality rules for master data so that you can analyze the quality of your data yourself and visualize it in Power BI. In addition, you will learn how to sort out data that does not live up to the data quality rules.

The focus in this course will be on the six most common data quality rules, what they mean and what story they tell about your company’s data.

Finally, you will learn how you can use Power BI to challenge the organization’s maintenance of data quality and how to visualize the data quality to make your organization more data-driven.

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Data quality – something everyone talks about but doesn’t know how to tackle

Every company experience data quality challenges in one way or another. Everyone talks about data quality but few know what to do about it. There is no shortage of theories about data quality – nor is there a lack of good intentions to do something about it. The problem is that few can tell what exactly can be done to ensure the data quality.

In Kapacity we want to do something about that. Working with data quality must be tangible and easy to understand. Because without good data, many other initiatives fail – or become far more cumbersome and expensive.

We combine theory and practice to give you the tools to process your data quality – as well as visualize the results in Power BI so that it becomes visible.

Content of the course

  • Introduction to Master Data and Data Quality Management

  • Theory of data quality measurements
  • Setting up data quality measurements in Power BI
  • Measure how important data is for the organization
  • How can Power BI be used to challenge the organization’s views on data quality?


All our educators work as consultants on “real” projects. Our knowledge is therefore not only theoretical, but it also stems from practical experience.

It means that we can guide you through the set-up of reports, design, models, and what you might need to know on your BI journey.

Practical information

Target group
Kapacity’s Data Quality Management course is aimed at people who already have some experience with Power BI, e.g. as an analyst, controller or the like who wants insight into the company’s data quality. Either because your data quality presents challenges for your own work – or for you whose company wants better master data.

The course provides tools for how to calculate and process data quality and visualize it. You will also get a good theoretical basis to know what good data is and why it is important for your organization.

Date, location, price and sign up
The course course is regularly held in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Kolding.

The price is DKK 4,000 ex-VAT, including meals and refreshments. The course can be held in Danish and English. Contact Kapacity Customer Care, if you want to know more.

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The course was excellent with a good alternation between theory and practical exercises.

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