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Denni has been a part of twoday kapacity since the beginning of 2021. He is happy about that. The change is not just a goodbye to long working days as a Management Consultant. It is also a big hello to life in a small organization, where he makes a clear difference for customers and colleagues:

“We make each other great at twoday kapacity. Everyone knows something different and helps each other. It results in more fun working days and better solutions for our customers.”

It’s about business

As Senior Lead Digital Advisor, Denni's most important task is to build a bridge between technical data solutions and the customer’s business. Here, his background as a management consultant is a huge help:

When I join the conversation, the dialogue shifts from technology to business. What concerns does the customer’s management have? What is it that they can not do today? And how can working with data help meet strategic objectives? We will find the answer together ”, Denni explains and continues:

“I am good at putting myself in the customer’s place. Would I understand the situation if I were a decision-maker? We must concretize the technical solution and strategy so that the work becomes understandable and relevant to the business.”

  • In twoday kapacity, I do not have to fit into a box – I shape the box myself.
    Denni Pultz Gottfredsen
    Senior Lead Digital Advisor, twoday kapacity

Welcome to reality

At twoday kapacity, Denni has become a colleague of a large number of the country’s most skilled data specialists.

The strong competencies were crucial to Dennis’ job change and he explains that it is a pleasure to advise customers knowing that all colleagues are ready to execute a strong delivery.

“It has been a significant factor for me that I can help shape the projects and see them become a reality. At twoday kapacity, we not only advise – we also dribble the solution across the finish line together with the customer “, says Denni enthusiastically.

Technical execution is something that Denni sees a greater demand for in recent years. In Denni’s words, it is no longer enough to talk about big plans and develop a good strategy report. Action must be taken to create real value for people.

Respect for people

Denni says he has quickly become part of the twoday kapacity family. The good start is the result of many factors. For example, he mentions that the flat organizational structure and relaxed corporate culture is a big plus. And then, of course, there are colleagues.

“At twoday kapacity, everyone is very helpful. We always have time for each other, which is super cool”, Denni says and explains:

“Another important factor is our resource management. There is huge respect for the fact that life is about other things than work. Although we work hard, there is a big focus on a healthy work-life balance. This means a lot as a father of two small children.”


It’s cool to make a difference

A job change is always a big decision. The inevitable question, therefore, is whether one made the right choice? For Denni, the answer is clear:

“I am happy about the change. I work with cool clients and amazing colleagues. But most importantly: I can see that my competencies are moving our own and our customers’ business. I make a difference. That’s damn cool!”

The customer’s guy

Not everyone understands data. Just like not everyone understands business either. This is where Denni comes into the picture.

With a background as a management consultant with programming skills, he manages to translate the technical talk so that it becomes relevant for the management. Because the work is about helping people – and Denni is good at doing exactly that.

  • "It’s cool with the flat structure. No one is more important than others. Here, I get space to take ownership and run with my good ideas."
    Denni Pultz Gottfredsen
    Senior Lead Digital Advisor, twoday kapacity

5 facts about Denni

Name: Denni Pultz Gottfredsen

Seniority: Employed in 2021

Position: Senior Lead Digital Advisor

Spare time: Football with the other super old boys

Office: Aarhus