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Daniel found meaning in the data

It did not appear in the datasets that Daniel Otykier would end up working with Business Intelligence. With a bachelor’s degree in physics in his backpack, he had started studying for a, because “life as a researcher was probably not something for me”. In addition to his studies, he worked as a customer service employee at Jyllands-Posten.

A natural talent

At Jyllands-Posten, Daniel quickly got tired of the cumbersome customer database, which took far too much time and energy. Instead of complaining to the boss, he started developing macros.

Daniel’s flair for technology was quickly rumored. He moved from customer service to the finance department, and suddenly he was having a meeting with Finn and Gökhan, which was to be the beginning of Jyllands-Posten’s work with Business Intelligence – and Daniel’s new career path.

“Gökhan and Finn’s way of conveying complex material was fantastic. It blew me away. Here we sat with a lot of data that could help our business. The work just made so much sense, and from that moment on I knew what I wanted to work with when I grew up, ”says Daniel with a big smile on his face.


An MVP cannot do everything himself

Today, Daniel is one of the nation’s most skilled in designing and implementing Data Platform architectures in Microsoft Azure. You will not hear it from him but his Microsoft MVP status speaks for itself.

The recognition from Microsoft is the result of Daniel’s technological capabilities. For example, he has developed Tabular Editor, which is an open-source solution used by data professionals worldwide. The technical work with data comes to him easily but even an MVP can go off the deep end. In such situations, it is crucial to have skilled colleagues:

“Customers deserve my honest opinion. Unfortunately, this is not my strongest side. I mean, I’m afraid of offending people – even if their current solution is unfortunate. Fortunately, I have fantastic colleagues who deal with the difficult talks of talking with the customer about the right thing to do ” Daniel explains and continues:

“No one knows everything. There is a 100% understanding of this at twoday kapacity, so we put together teams where people bring different competencies to the table. That way we can do what we do best. It gives me peace of mind and time to dive into things. ”

Thrives in a well-known environment

One of Daniel’s great drivers is the difference his work makes for customers. The customer has a problem and together they find a solution. For as he says, there is a special joy associated with enabling others to accomplish more in less time.

However, the work is not just about streamlining workflows with data. Often, the goal is to seek new business opportunities by exploring.

“Who knows what will happen if we put data together in new ways? It’s really interesting,” Daniel says.

The fact that Daniel is enthusiastic about working with data is an understatement. Here, he can become smarter and at the same time make a difference for others. His work is well-know and he is in no doubt as to when he will deliver the very best.

“I am a nerd who loves to dig into a topic. New ideas are exciting, but I deliver best within my comfort zone, where I can work with technologies, I am an expert in. Fortunately, I am allowed to do so, as we have so many different specialist competencies.”

The other side of the table

Once Daniel has dived into a task and found the solution, it’s time to swim back up. The solution – for example a new data platform – must be implemented and not least integrated into the employees’ everyday lives. It’s a huge change management task that Daniel enjoys:

“In a way, today I have the same role that Finn and Gökhan had when I first met them. Now it’s my turn to set the direction. It’s a huge responsibility – and it’s fantastic. I can see how much we move the customer’s business. It gives me a kick that I only get when I’m out with the I the weekends”


Great collective

Humans are amazing but hard to scale. Life is not just about working, and in twoday kapacity there is a huge focus on the well-being of employees and their development. This is one of the main reasons why Daniel has celebrated his 10th anniversary in the company.

“One thing is to say that you take care of your employees. Something else is to do it. Our management is really good at caring for us so we can deliver tomorrow too. Nobody wins by working 70 hours a week, ”says Daniel and elaborates:

“And then there is the collegial. At the risk of praising ourselves too much, we are really good at helping each other. If I ask a question, I get answers right away – and I get many of them,” he explains and is silent for several seconds before continuing:

“It’s probably because we are measured collectively – not individually – so no one just takes care of themselves.”

It should be fun

It is popular to say that IT people are the best at leading IT people. This is not the case with twoday kapacity. The company’s CEO, Philip Lykke Christensen, does not have a technical background, but it is not necessary if you ask Daniel.

“Philip knows how to run a business. He has never hidden that it should be fun to go to work. It should never become a sad duty. I can feel that the management really priorities happy employees – and I am also sure that our customers can feel it, ” Daniel explains, before coming with some advice for you:

“If you want to work with data with some of the most talented people in the country, then I think you should look at twoday kapacity. Everyone is top ambitious, but at the same time down to earth. That’s damn nice! ”

  • “You do not have to be good at everything. No one is. You just have to be really good at something, then we have a place on the team.”
    Daniel Otykier
    Principal Architect & Microsoft Data Platform MVP hos twoday kapacity

A natural talent

How does a bachelor’s degree in Physics relate to the design and implementation of Data Platform architectures on Microsoft Azure? For Daniel, the answer is clear.

The science education background has strengthened Daniel’s mathematical and analytical skills, which is a huge help when writing code and processing data.

Daniel, therefore, does not directly use his scientific background in his work, but it has awakened his natural talent for working with data.

5 facts about Daniel

Name: Daniel Otykier

Seniority: Employed in 2013

Position: Principal Architect & Microsoft Data Platform MVP

Spare time: Family, nerdy board games and gliding

Office: Kolding