Business Analytics

We cover the entire Business Analytics palette

The tasks vary, but using the company’s data as an asset always remains the focus.

Kapacity has expertise within all of the disciplines of Business Analytics, including:

Making Data a Corporate Asset

Business Analytics provides data-driven insights into the position of the company with a focus on:

  • What is the status of the business?
  • What will happen if this trend continues?
  • Can we optimize sufficiently in order to make the most of the opportunities?

At Kapacity, we have many years of experience helping companies convert their data into insights for the senior management and individual employees. Our approach to building your Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Performance Management, or Advanced Analytics solution is based on collaboration and consultation regarding your needs, understanding how projects are tailored to the individual organization, sound craftsmanship, and a best-practice approach that, as a customer, you can take over and develop further. Business Analytics is not a project; it is a journey with continuous development, and we have the expertise to work with you all along the way.

Your Business Analytics Overview

Business Analytics is the caption of a wide range of competencies, processes, and techniques that will provide your company with an overview as well as detailed information about the historic performance and correlations between factors in order to drive the future business in the desired direction.

At Kapacity, we can help you all along the way from the strategy to anchoring. You can read more about our approach to Business Analytics Strategy here.

Depending on where your business is today in terms of converting data into insights, there are four value-creating areas that we would like to highlight:

  • Consolidating data sources in a central Data Warehouse so that the entire enterprise has the same basis for analyzing the business.
  • Monitoring of critical key ratios for the company to react quickly if problems should arise.
  • In-depth analysis of data and data correlations. When your company no longer needs to spend time collecting data, it can invest its time in really understanding and utilizing the data.
  • Planning based on the detailed statements of the historic performance and, therefore, a quicker and more precise management of objectives.

What our customers say…

Kapacity did an excellent job helping us create a solution that seamlessly integrates with our existing Business Intelligence environment.
Jesper Clausen, Saint-Gobain
The project has been running smoothly and it has been a pleasure to work with Kapacity’s consultants, who are always super competent, serious, and efficient – and they work very fast!
Louise Bielefeldt, BoConcept
Kapacity is more than just a supplier to us – they are a trusted partner and advisor to our company and they always act professionally, accurately, and dynamically.
Lars Zielke, Actona Company