CluedIn: Automate your data journey and make data-driven decisions.

With CluedIn, you can streamline your processes and gather all your data in one place in order to better and more easily exploit the opportunities that your data presents.

What is CluedIn, and what can you use it for?

CluedIn is a data integration platform that is designed to streamline and automate cleaning, integration and preparation of data. CluedIn breaks down information silos and gives the users the right tools to exploit the information they have. The platform allows companies to be more data-driven and helps them make better data-driven decisions.

CluedIn connects tools, people and companies, so that you can better stay up to date with what is happening around you. It is a flexible programme that is available hosted, in the cloud and on-premise.

The application can handle all infrastructure requirements for knowledge management with key functions, including:

  • Customer Intelligence
  • Enterprise Search
  • Data Fabrics
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Integration

In particular, CluedIn helps when:

  • Your data projects take too long or never really achieve their goals
  • Your reports take too long to establish and change
  • Your reports are based on incomplete data or poor quality data and therefore do not generate the desired value

The more complex your data landscape is, the more value you get from CluedIn.

What value does CluedIn contribute?

Data Integration

You get a much faster time to value. Scalability is limitless, and even though your company is growing and starts using more tools, this will not increase the complexity of the integration. Adding system no. 300 is just as easy as system no. 1.

Data Preparation

Get a quick overview of the data that needs to be corrected and the tools that can help in this regard. This way, you do not need to track down the faults yourself.

Data Compliance

Achieve full compliance so that you can use your data with a clear conscience. Operate with full data speed, knowing that you are in compliance with all rules.

Metadata Management

Get insight into the data that is important for your business. Establish proactive and reactive rules for how your data should look, and guarantee ownership of data throughout the whole data journey.

Data Enrichment

Automatic enrichment of external data source. Get support for manual enrichment as well as CluedIn Clean. Get over 30 external data services that help you clean, enrich and complete your reports.

Data Quality

Gain quick insight into your company’s data quality. Establish KPIs, and lean back while CluedIn helps you to reach your goal. Track your data quality while your team uses integrated tools to clean data.

Data Governance

CluedIn can help establish confidence in your data by automatically mapping lineage, audits and generating tasks for your governance team.

Data Sharing

A data platform without interruption that provides easy access to data that is ready for use. Share your data with any person or application instantly.

Data Ops

Enterprise-grade insight into the telemetry of your data pipelines. Monitor, scale, secure and optimise all your data workloads. Data Ops helps you gain full control of your platform.

Watch the video on CluedIn for a quick overview!

What can CluedIn do for your company?

Accelerate your data initiatives

CluedIn has demonstrated a reduction of Time to Value of 80%.

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Remove Data Bottlenecks

Combine data across 120 complex systems and data sources in an automated way.

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Improve data quality

CluedIn has shown that it can improve the company’s data quality by 25% within 4 weeks.

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Master Data with better quality

CluedIn has reinvented Master Data Management with a modern twist

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Master Data Management run by CluedIn

Modern companies base many processes and projects on data, but before data can be used, the company’s raw data must be prepared. All data projects, from Advanced Analytics to Machine Learning, require similar data preparation processes:

  • Data projects start with data discovery, in order to investigate where the data is found and what systems it uses.

  • Data integration then combines different data sources into one consolidated data source or several connected data sets.

  • The next step is to normalise, standardise, harmonise and clean the data so that machines can process it uniformly and consistently.

  • Finally, the data must be made easily accessible to the business.

The CluedIn platform covers these data management processes and collects them in a cohesive, consistent end-to-end Master Data Management solution. CluedIn uses a data integration technique called eventual connectivity, which generates better results than classic extract, load, transform (ETL) models. Eventual connectivity uses GraphQL queries to combine data without issues across many stored data sources.

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