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Do you want accurate customer analytics to increase revenue?

Kapacity Buzzard uses your data, combined with the latest technology in machine learning, to make customer analyzes that identify customers who are at risk of churning.

Behavior that increases the potential for sales is also identified so that you get the highest possible revenue from the customer.

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Aarstiderne fik præcise kundeanalyser med Kapacity Buzzard - læs casen

Case: Aarstiderne gains unique insight
into customer loyalty

In the past year, Aarstiderne has carried out a strategic customer loyalty project entitled “the best customer experience each time”. The objective was to have a  more structured customer loyalty work. What did it take to achieve this goal?

Aarstiderne chose to focus more on making better customer analyzes and started a dialogue with Kapacity about Buzzard. The goal was to gain a better understanding of which customers were most likely to churn.

The model that Aarstiderne uses is working with more than 300 different variables, which ensures high accuracy of the customer analytics provided by Buzzard.

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