– an important part of the project

Training is an essential part of a business intelligence project and has a significant influence on the success of a project.

Kapacity offers two types of training:

Customised courses
Materials for this course are usually prepared based on the customer’s own business intelligence solution and associated data. The training itself is based on practical examples taken from the customer’s solution and we often identify solutions to specific issues on these courses. Customised courses are always run by Kapacity’s own specialists.

Technology courses
A specific technology is taught on these courses. Training is based on demo data in order to ensure that the focus remains on the actual technology and not on the customer’s data.

Current courses at Kapacity

Microsoft Power BI course – introduction

This course is the perfect start for those who are curious about Power BI. In this course you will learn how to make data models with business logic – and present it all in great dashboards and reports.

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Microsoft Power BI course – advanced visualization

This course is perfect for those who are already using Microsoft Power BI but want to move on to the next level. You’ve written a few DAX measures before, but you need help to move on.

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Microsoft Power BI course – Advanced Data Modeling

In this course you will learn to take your Power BI data modeling to the next level – both in Power BI desktop, Power BI Serivce and with third-party tools such as Tabular Editor.

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Microsoft Power BI for controllers

This course is aimed at those who work with finance reporting, controlling and planning processes – and who are interested in learning more about data and Business Intelligence (BI) in a finance context.

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Power Apps course

In this course you will learn how to connect to different types of data sources, manipulate the screen, make the right user journey using input fields – and how to integrate with Microsoft Power BI.

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Data Quality Management course

The course provides tools for how to calculate and process data quality and visualize it. You will also get a good theoretical basis to know what good data is and why it is important for your organization.

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Jedox Controller Course

This course is designed for analysts, controllers, and others who need to be able to make their own reports. You will learn how to create a corporate report standard, design interactive custom reports with subsets and dynaranges.

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Jedox Business User

This course made for you who need to use Jedox reports on a regular basis or provide input for budgets and forecasts. You will learn how to best utilize Jedox as well as apply the very special and time-saving forecasting techniques.

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