– an important part of the project

Master your new solution

Training is an essential part of a business intelligence project and has a significant influence on the success of a project. Kapacity offers two types of training:

Customised courses

Materials for this course are usually prepared based on the customer’s own business intelligence solution and associated data. The training itself is based on practical examples taken from the customer’s solution and we often identify solutions to specific issues on these courses. Customised courses are always run by Kapacity’s own specialists.

Technology courses

A specific technology is taught on these courses. Training is based on demo data in order to ensure that the focus remains on the actual technology and not on the customer’s data.

Microsoft Power BI course

Kapacity offers courses in Microsoft Power BI. You will learn how to create your own data model, enrich it with calculations and business logic, and design Power BI dashboards and reports.

Kapacity’s Microsoft Power BI course is aimed at controllers, analysts, finance professionals, and others who want to get personal insight into their data.