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Kapacity update – let us stand together against Corona.


Here you can follow kapacity's Corona updates.
March 18, 2020 twoday kapacity

Update on March 18th, 2020: 

At kapacity, we are following the government's recommendation to minimize going outside and have therefore decided to close our offices in Copenhagen, Kolding, and Aarhus.

We still have full progress on the majority of our projects, and we have become better at working efficiently from home offices. 

We are conducting all types of meetings online - including meetings with new customers, status meetings, project meetings, daily stand-ups, and workshops. It is working really well, and there is a widespread desire to make things work in this unusual situation.

Update on March 13th, 2020:

At Kapacity, we have introduced daily manager meetings via Teams every morning from 8:00 am to 8:15 am. 

Here, we briefly discuss the situation in the entire company. The status from this morning's calls is that the engines are still running at full steam.

 A few tasks that have not yet been initiated may have a postponed start, but otherwise, Kapacity colleagues and customers have been lightning-fast in getting the situation under control.

Workshops are held via Teams and progress is made on projects as if nothing had happened. Some are working staggered hours to balance their home front, and we have seen much more of each other's home workplaces, so the video has become a natural part of all online meetings. I am on the verge of being moved to see how the business community is coming together and thinking of solutions - it makes me happy.

This afternoon, we will have our first virtual Friday bar with overwhelming support - a nice way to wish each other a good weekend and remember to smile, despite the seriousness of the situation.

Have a good day out there.

Best regards

Søren Toft Joensen
26 30 90 01

Update on March 12, 2020:

In these times, we all must consider and follow the guidelines of the authorities. The priority is, of course, that everyone contributes to limiting the spread of the virus. We take our responsibility in this regard very seriously. Since yesterday morning, we have arranged for all employees to work from home to a much greater extent than usual. We still visit customers in 1:1 interactions, but of course, we take into account both the safety of our customers and colleagues in this regard. At the same time, most of our customers and colleagues have children who either go to daycare or school and with the closure of these for a period of 14 days from tomorrow, it is, of course, a priority for us that everyone gets the opportunity to take care of their family.

At the Government's press conference on the shutdown of society, Mette Frederiksen made it clear that it is a serious situation, but that it is important that the private business community keeps the society running so that we minimize the economic consequences and their duration. It is in everyone's best interest so that the aftermath is as small as possible - both for society and your business.

In a consulting and solution company like ours, we are here for you. We continue unaffected with 100% capacity, and therefore you can rest assured that we continue to deliver efficiency and progress on the projects that are already underway. To accommodate the new situation, we encourage everyone - both customers and colleagues - to be flexible in arranging work. Everyone tries to fit their work within normal working hours, but some will need to work at odd hours to make ends meet. Let's come together and think of solutions on that front.

This means that your business will continue with the necessary solutions when the situation normalizes, and it also means a lot to our business - so thank you in advance for this.

At Kapacity, we have no Corona infections yet. We naturally follow the situation closely. To ensure transparency and trust, we will update this page daily with a brief update on our status.

Wishing you a good day.

Best regards

Søren Toft Joensen
26 30 90 01

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