Kapacity helps Coloplast with a new Microsoft Azure Analytics environment for the future

Coloplast’s new data environment is located in the cloud, and the possibilities with Azure provide flexibility, transparency and valuable insights throughout the organization.

Af: Kapacity

21. June 2018

The Danish pharmaceutical company Coloplast, which makes innovative care products for people with intimate health challenges, is known by most people.

In the quest to maintain productive customer relationships, Coloplast has migrated from an on-premise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution to an Azure-based solution based on the principles of Modern Data Warehousing with Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Analysis Services and Microsoft Power BI.

The migration is part of a general modernization of Coloplast's Business Intelligence capabilities, and it is expected that it will provide benefits across the entire organization.

The solution has been developed in a collaboration between Coloplast's internal BI team and Kapacity.

You can read a case about the solution on the Microsoft website.

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