The role of the controller in the future – become an economic business partner with data skills

The finance department is undergoing a continuous digital transformation, where several tasks are being automated. This often happens with the use of new cloud technologies within ERP and BI. This development means that the traditional role of the controller as an Excel expert, solving a range of pa...

How to get good financial data: 4 typical challenges and how to solve them

Have you invested in a Business Intelligence (BI) financial solution for your reporting, but found that the solution is not working optimally in your everyday work? Or are you on your way to starting your BI journey, but don't quite understand the technology behind it and the language that IT speaks...

Make Business Intelligence and data analysis an integrated part of the monthly closing process

The increasing use of data and the heightened demand for compliance puts pressure on the finance department during the monthly closing process. With BI and data analysis, you can minimize the time spent on data collection and processing, freeing up more time to create an overview, analyze, and repor...

Consolidation of financial statements: challenges and how to solve them.

Consolidation of financial statements is complex and can be time-consuming with many manual processes - but with the right tools, manual processes can be streamlined or even automated.

Cloud Data Warehouse: These activities should be included before, during, and after your project 

We have gathered the most important factors that you need to be aware of to obtain an agile and forward-thinking Cloud Data Warehouse for your business.

Computer Vision: An image tells more than a thousand data points


A picture tells more than a thousand words. At least for humans. But how much does it tell a computer? Until relatively recently not so much. Instead of seeing cute cat pictures and cute puppies, computer programs saw ones and zeros. But that time is over.

How do we support the BI users' desire for self-service while ensuring optimal use of resources?

Many analysts and controllers desire great freedom to experiment with data, but how do we generally avoid the usage of data becoming too manual, thus not using company resources in a good way?

BI teamwork: How do you get a good collaboration between business and BI/IT?


A known problem regarding BI projects is the lack of cooperation between the business and the BI team/IT. Read our recipe for good BI teamwork here.

From data to BI solution – does the BI team deliver users dream?

The dialogue between the data users and the BI department can be difficult at times, and it is not always that the users feel that they have the BI solution they need. Here we give you the recipe for what needs to be covered, so you ensure that users get exactly the BI solution they are dreaming of.

Self-Service BI – what does it mean for different users?


Many BI departments are in a dilemma where the pressure for Self-Service BI is big and the resources to support it are limited.