Extraordinary Data Scientists and Senior Data Scientists

Become part of our growing AI team and develop solutions that push the boundaries of what companies can achieve with data and machine learning in production

Do you want to push the boundaries?

Do you have a pillowcase with Python logos or are you the type of person who would buy ‘Bayesian Statistics & Neural Networks for Babies’ for your 1-year-old? Is your ambition to develop solutions that push the boundaries of what companies can achieve with data and AI/ML in production? Then maybe you are the candidate that we are looking for.

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About Kapacity

Kapacity is a leading specialized data and analytics consultancy. We work with Denmark’s largest companies and put expertise, quality, and integrity first. We are in rapid growth and currently consist of more than 140 employees in 3 offices.

We live and breathe translating data into specific business value with innovative approaches and methods. We can do this because we cover the entire value chain from laying the first strategic foundations, to establishing data platforms to developing and implementing customized BI- and AI solutions. And because we can attract and retain the best talent.

About the roles

As a Data Scientist or a Senior Data Scientist in Kapacity, you will become part of our growing AI team. You will work with customers across various industries including manufacturing, energy, finance, retail, transport, ICT and the public sector.

Depending on your skills and areas of expertise you would typically be:

  • Working closely with customers and colleagues to shape solutions that solve customer issues and create value by leveraging a broad and deep data science toolbox comprising for example NLP, computer vision, predictive modelling, IoT applications or interpretable AI.
  • Advising customers on how to build platform architecture and make tooling choices that will unlock data science at scale.
  • Helping customers develop production-ready code, scalable data science pipelines, deployment setups and frameworks for ML-Ops.

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Depending on the customer and task, you would usually be working together with colleagues at our offices centrally located in Copenhagen or Aarhus, at customer sites or remotely from home. While most of our time is spent on customer projects, we have a tightly-knit AI team that meets weekly with focus on learning, sparring and social activities.

About you

We are looking for someone passionate about how data science and ML can be used to solve customers’ business problems and realize potentials. You are ambitious, able to work independently, strive to stay updated within your field and challenge yourself – every day. You love to share your knowledge and to put it to use. You work in a structured manner, appreciate working in teams and take responsibility for documenting your work so that others can use it.

Furthermore, you can nod affirmatively to most of the dots below:

  • You have a broad understanding of key data science disciplines and an opinion on where they can create value in practice.

  • You have deep insight into one or more methods or applications such as predictive maintenance, price optimization, fraud detection, churn prediction, NLP, computer vision, interpretable AI, etc.

  • You feel at home in python, R and/or Spark and find it natural to switch to SQL when the solution requires it.

  • You have a solid knowledge of one or more major ML/AI frameworks, e.g. Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Pytorch, H2O etc.

  • You have at least 1-2 years of experience in developing and deploying data science solutions, preferably in the cloud.

  • Danish language proficiency is preferred.

For the Senior Data Scientist profiles, we are looking for candidates who in addition to the above also:

  • Have a solid experience with deploying data science solutions utilizing cloud technologies.

  • Are used to containerize and orchestrate data science applications.

  • Are used to working with GIT and curious to become even better at setting up CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure-as-code.

  • Are able to develop production-ready code and a master of scalable pipelines, deployment and ML-ops.

Special benefits of working as a Data Scientist in Kapacity:

As a Data Scientist at Kapacity, you will join a place where we hire and nurture only the best data talents, work to push the boundaries for what is possible with data and to build lasting relationships with our customers. To do so, we invest in continuous learning, knowledge sharing, education and certification. We work hard to make sure, that once you have joined us, you never want to leave. That also means that we have quite a lot of fun – also after work. Last, but not least, we believe that working-life is best when there is room for ‘the rest’. In Kapacity you can actually be a consultant without working around-the-clock.

Below are some additional aspects of the job, that are particularly valued by our existing Data Scientists:

  • At Kapacity, we have leading experts in most data disciplines – that means that you can concentrate on becoming the best in your field while leaving data engineering, RPA, strategy development and so on to others.
  • We have a strong team of Senior Data Scientists, who come from positions as team leads in large companies. This means that everyone has somebody they can learn from.
  • We have a large emphasis on enterprise AI, deployment and ML-Ops. This means that you will also experience the value of the solutions you develop.
  • We have the best projects in the industry. Nothing less.


We only need your CV! We recruit on an ongoing basis and are always keen to hear from the right candidate.

If you have questions about the positions, you are welcome to contact Talent and Acquisition Manager Ann Brahe-Orlandi on +45 26 30 90 20 or abra@kapacity.dk

We look forward to hearing from you!

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