Course: Microsoft Power BI for controllers

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You are working with financial reporting, controlling, and planning processes. You are interested in learning more about data and business intelligence in a finance context. In this training course you will learn the fundamentals about BI and how you design a data model to optimize your controlling and reporting processes using Power BI and Power Query.

In this course, you will learn:

This course will give you fundamental understanding of data modelling, data processing and data analytics using Power BI in a Finance context. The aim is to learn you how to build a repeatable data flow and a finance data model fitted for your reporting and controlling processes. By doing so you will free up time for more analytics and business partnering.

Leverage your data

How we use BI, to help us best utilize the data stored in our business systems and optimize the way we work with data.

Design with Power BI

How you design a financial data model for PnL statements, budget and planning processes, cashflow reporting, etc. with Power BI.

Use Excel

How Power BI and Excel complement each other and how you can work with both tools to improve your finance controlling and reporting processes.

Power BI in the company

How BI looks like in an enterprise setup, including key concepts and technologies. With this know- ledge you will be able to collaborate at eye level with BI specialists.

About Kapacity’s Power BI course for controllers

In this course, you will learn:

  • You will learn how to use Power BI to tackle common finance data challenges, that are often experienced when working with different data sets in Excel.
  • You will learn how to build a flexible data model using Excel, Power Query, and Power BI.
  • Finally you will experience how using the above mentioned tools can help you to automate your workflow and help you free up time to analyze your data.

When you know the fundamentals and advantages of data modelling on your own desktop PC, you will gain insight into the advantages of integrating busi- ness applications with BI tools in a data platform set-up.

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Course content

During the day, you will learn about the data value chain, including concepts such as;

  • Data Warehousing
  • Databases

  • Data modelling

  • Dimension, transaction and master data
  • Report vs dashboard and data visualization

We will publish the data model developed in Power BI to the Power BI Service in order to reuse it in Power BI. And learn how to share data with colleagues in the web.

During the course we will also discuss similarities and differences between Power BI and Excel.

The data skills you will gain in this course, will enable you to implement the theory in your daily work, helping you optmize your business processes from day one.

Practical information and registration

Kapacitys BI course for controllers is aimed at controllers, analyst, finance professionals, and others who want to learn more about BI and how it can optimize their work processes with data and financial controlling.

The course will be a combination of instructor show cases, exercises, and guided solutions. During the course we will teach you Power BI, Power Query and DAX as a foundation to understand and learn data modelling and BI.

Dato, sted, pris og tilmelding
Kapacity’s BI course for controllers is regularly held in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Kolding.

The price is DKK 4,000 ex VAT, including meals and refreshments. Maximum number of participants is 6. Please note that we offer a multiple enrollment discount and individual and company-specific cour- ses can be arranged. Contact Kapacity Customer Care for more information.

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