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Kapacity’s Power Apps course is for those of you who want to learn to make cool Power Apps that can be used by everyone in the organisation – as an individual App or together with other applications and data sources, e.g. Power BI.

Everyone can make apps!

Everyone can learn to build Power Apps that digitise and automate processes across solutions. This increases the effectiveness and flexibility of the company.

You can start with a completed template, and then develop your app with quick and intuitive drag’n’drop. If you need it, you can also add advanced functions, e.g. fully developed AI components.

And when your app is ready, it is easy to share with the rest of the organisation.

About Kapacity’s Power Apps course

At Kapacity’s Power Apps course, you will learn to build both embedded Power Apps and stand-alone Power Apps, which can catalyse your company’s automation.

On the course, you will learn to connect different types of data sources, how to manipulate the screen, how you create the right user journey using input fields, etc. – and of course how to integrate with Microsoft Power BI.

A key part of the course is the writeback function, which allows you to write data back in the original source directly from the Power Apps that you yourself create.

All our teachers work on a day-to-day basis as consultants on “real” projects. Therefore, our knowledge is not just theoretical; it is also based on practical experience.

This means that we can help you progress with connections, writeback opportunities and whatever else you may need for your PowerApps journey.

The content of the course

During the course, which lasts 6 hours, we will cover these subjects:

  • Introduction to Power Apps

  • Types of Power Apps

  • Description of usecase

  • The writeback function

  • Hands-on work in the Power Apps Editor:
    – Connection to data sources
    – Display of different input fields – and what they can do
    – Galleries – presentation of data from other sources
    – Manipulation of input from the data source
    – Functions in Power Apps
    – How you create temporary data sources in Power Apps

Practical information

Among others, the course is aimed at controllers and others in similar roles in finance, as it can be beneficial to automate many of the controller’s tasks with Power Apps.

If you have a BI function and need to learn to make writeback functions, this course is naturally also well-suited for you.

It is an advantage but not a requirement if you have:

  • A reasonable idea of what Power BI can do
  • Acquired basic knowledge of, for example, IF-statements in Excel

Knowledge of actual programming is not a requirement.

Data, place, price and registration
The course is held in Copenhagen at the dates listed below.

The course costs DKK 4,000 excluding VAT, with full meals, and there may be max. 6 participants. Please note that we offer a discount for several registrations, and individual and firm-specific courses are also possible. The course can also be held in English. Contact Kapacity Customer Careif you want to learn more.

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