Jedox Controller course

Kapacity’s Jedox Controller course is designed for analysts, controllers, and others who need to be able to make their own reports. You will learn how to create a corporate report standard, design interactive custom reports with subsets and dynaranges. You will also learn more about how to best use Jedox for budgeting and forecasting – or prepare reports that your colleagues can use.

Quick facts about Jedox

  • Jedox is an extremely popular tool in Enterprise Performance Management.

  • Jedox is mainly used for:
    – Financial Planning & Analysis (FPA)
    – Sales Performance Management (SPM)
    – Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
  • Popularly speaking, Jedox makes it easier to collaborate on planning, budgeting, reporting and consolidation across the entire enterprise.

About Kapacity’s Jedox Controller course

In the Jedox Controller course, you will learn how to use Jedox for more advanced planning and reporting.

We make specially designed custom reports based on common reporting standards, data subsets and dynaranges.

You will learn about visualization and report customization with combo boxes and check boxes, conditional formatting and distribution of reports.

Finally, the course includes a thorough look at the very special planning techniques called splashing, which can be used for forecasting in detailed data sets.

Content of the course

The course consists of the following topics, which are combined with hands-on assignments:

  • Customizing and Sharing Views
  • What are data hierarchies, dimensions and cubes?
  • Advanced forecasting with splashing
  • Create company-specific design standards for reports
    – Corporate Visual Identity (CVI)
  • Design and createcustom reports
    – Visualization, diagrams and micro charts
    – Add interactive items like combo boxes, check boxes and calendars
    – Use subsets of data
    – Add dynaranges to custom reports
  • Introduction to setting up dimensions and cubes (The Modeler)
  • Load CSV files for dimensions(The Integrator)


All our educators have a financial background and work on “real” projects on a daily basis. Our knowledge is therefore not only theoretical, but it also stems from practical experience.

This means we are better equipped to help you with your Enterprise Performance Management challenges.

Practical information

The course is made for analysts, controllers and finance managers who need to be able to handle superuser-like tasks.

The course is also for others who need to make planning models or custom reports for their own function or the rest of the company. It can, for example, be a sales or logistics manager.

You must have knowledge of Jedox, which you can gain on our Jedox Business User course.

Date, location, price and sign up

The course is regularly held in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

The price is DKK 4,000 ex-VAT, including meals and refreshments. Maximum number of participants is 6. Please note that we offer a multiple enrollment discount and individual and company-specific courses can be arranged. The course can be held in English and Danish.

Contact Kapacity Customer Care for more information.

If you sign up for Jedox Business User and Jedox Controller at the same time we give a 25% discount on one of the courses. The total price will then be DKK 7,000 ex. VAT.

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