The future of climate reporting within transport

Together with Biofuel Express and Fremsyn, Kapacity has developed the first climate reporting platform in the Nordic region within the transport sector, which enables companies to meet documentation requirements for CO2 reduction, while at the same time gaining detailed insight into fuel consumption and fuel type.

A technological front-runner

Biofuel Express is Scandinavia’s leading distributor of fossil-free fuels. Since 2008, they have helped their customers successfully convert from traditional fossil diesel to fossil-free biofuel alternatives.

In recent years, Biofuel Express has placed great emphasis on digitization and automation, with a special focus on data processing and data discipline. This means that today they have the Nordic region’s first climate reporting platform – Biofuel Express Insight – which has been built by Kapacity.

The solution gives Biofuel Express’ customers the opportunity to:

Download sustainability certificates that meets documentation requirements

Track their fuel consumption in real time

Gain insight into their own overall CO2 reduction

Provide insight into the raw materials and their origin

Biofuel Express Insight, which gives companies the opportunity to follow for instance CO2 reduction and fuel type and also allows you to download sustainability certificates.

For us, it has been about meeting our customers’ need to be able to document their progress within the climate space, while at the same time feeling in safe hands. To do this, the key words in particular have been transparency and security. It is important that our customers receive validated and processed data that is reliable and that can serve as benchmarks for the company’s internal work with the environment and climate.

Mads Tarpgaard, COO/CFO at Biofuel Express.

A results-oriented climate solution

With the solution, Biofuel Express’ customers are able to document exactly what CO2 reduction they achieve with their fuel consumption and where their fuel comes from.

Because it is not necessarily enough for companies to have an overall climate strategy anymore – now there is an increasing need to document on delivered results.

“It is important for companies that they have control over traceability all the way back in the chain. And with our solution, our customers can go to the portal and read that they have, for example, 92.3% CO2 reduction and that 30% of their biofuel was based on used cooking oil from France, while the rest was based on animal fat and was produced in Singapore. This is the traceability we can give to all our customers because our data model enables us to do so – which in turn is because we have complete control over our data, ” Mads Tarpgaard says.

The customers’ opinion of Biofuel Express Insight

The feedback from several of Biofuel Express ‘customers has been that the portal has helped to create new business and customers through the systematic reporting work with CO2 emissions, which can be used to improve customers’ green portfolio and document the positive environmental impact.

“With the Insight portal, Biofuel Express has set the bar high, and I wish other suppliers would also be able to contribute such high-quality data. The Biofuel Express Insight portal has become an essential tool for our team, and it is widely used across different functions and geographical areas – from procurement to business controllers, fuel managers and of course the sustainability department. ” – Strategic purchaser for one of Scandinavia’s leading public transport operators.

A solid data foundation

The solution is delivered in collaboration with Fremsyn, a consulting house specializing in green business development and consulting in energy and transport. Fremsyn has a strong collaboration with Biofuel Express and has seen great synergy in collaborating on the solution.

Fremsyn’s strategic initiatives to develop IT solutions to support the green transition within companies are growing rapidly – and the collaboration with Biofuel Express was an ideal starting point.

The solution is built on Fremsyn’s IT platform, where the Microsoft Azure data platform has been chosen as the foundation for their solution. Azure was chosen because the platform lived up to their high demands regarding data security, data processing and logic. At the same time, they knew they were getting a solution that was future-proof and scalable because of the constant development of the platform.

The Biofuel Express Insight portal is built in Microsoft Power BI.

Kapacity was chosen as a partner due to their reputation in the market and has, according to Mads Tarpgaard, shown high professionalism within the technical disciplines, while there has been great responsiveness to the wishes for and needs to the solution that have been added on an ongoing basis.

“It was important for us to choose some technicians from the top shelf so that we can show our customers that the solution has been built following best practices by the most competent people in the market. And that is what has happened,” Mads Tarpgaard says.

The future is green

Biofuel Express has already reduced CO2 emissions by 259,000 tons in 2020 – equivalent to the fuel consumption of 93,500 passenger cars in one year.

Now they reckon that the solution can help to get even more people in the transport sector to switch to fossil-free alternatives.

“Right now, with this solution, we are ahead of our competitors. Now we must continue to develop in line with new requirements for climate reporting so that we can continue to be the market leader. This requires continuous development of the customer platform,”  Mads Tarpgaard says.

At Fremsyn, they have other solutions working on the platform and are now looking at how they can implement a similar solution at Biogas Express – a sister company to Biofuel Express.

About Biofuel Express

Biofuel Express is Scandinavia’s leading distributor of fossil-free fuels. Since 2008, they have offered environmentally friendly fuel alternatives for companies with high demands to environmental and CO₂ reductions.

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About Fremsyn

Fremsyn is a consulting house specializing in green business development and consulting in energy and transport. Among other things, they deliver material for business development and green decision-making based on economic costs and effects within climate, air pollution and noise.

Read more on Fremsyn's website

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