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Anne is Anne – also at work

It was in the winter of 2018. Anne had just been hired when Kapacity was going on a ski trip in Norway. Maybe she wanted to join? The answer was a resounding yes.

“It was crazy to be away with 70 people I didn’t know. But it was truly amazing! I even came home with a Woman-of-the-Year Award “, Anne laughs.

We sell to people

Anne currently works as Head of Strategic Alliances but would rather be called a sales ninja in good old-fashioned Danish. She has worked in sales for more than 10 years – previously in large international companies – but her sales career actually started by accident:

“I always knew I wanted to work with people. Therefore, it was natural for me to start with HR after my studies, but the job included many administrative tasks and it did not satisfy my outgoing and curious nature. Suddenly, I was in a graduate position in sales and from there it took off,” Anne says.

At twoday kapacity, Anne is an integral part of the sales team. Here, her focus is primarily on New Bizz with a particular interest in modern Data Platforms, AI, and other new technology areas.


A difficult start

Today, Anne is, in her own words, “very happy to work at twoday kapacity”. At the same time, however, she is very open about the fact that it was difficult to switch to a smaller organization after many years in “big machines”:

“I found it hard to find my role as the new girl in the class. Back in 2018, the sales team was a solid, smaller team that had some strong, ingrained routines and a lot took place one by one between the individual employees. It was tough at times. Fortunately, a lot has happened in twoday kapacity since then, so our collaboration and onboarding of new colleagues works much better today “, Anne explains and continues:

“It was also completely new to me to sell people’s skills. I was used to selling licenses, SIM cards and visions. You cannot just edit people, so I had to learn how to make the solitaire go up. It was tough”.

  • “Here we win and lose together. So if you need to be a sales hero, you will have a hard time at twoday kapacity.”
    Anne Kraght
    Head of Strategic Alliances, twoday kapacity

You must want it

Anne is living proof that honesty and sincere interest are crucial elements in developing successful computer projects. So forget about forced sales and generic quick fixes.

“I’m not trying to push anything down people’s throats. It is often a big decision to start a new data project, so the customer must be ready – but more importantly: They have to really need the solution we are selling ” Anne says and talks more about her enthusiasm for data:

“It’s great to help companies calibrate their business with data. In collaboration with customers, we build solutions that enable them to make better decisions and create new opportunities. That’s really cool!”

At twoday kapacity, Anne has the opportunity to do what she does best: Create success with people. However, the content of the working day is not the only thing that excites her – so does the setting.

Come as you are

A lot has happened to Anne since she started at twoday kapacity. She has been through a divorce, so every other week she is a single mother of two beautiful boys. Fortunately, Anne experiences great support from all colleagues.

“In twoday kapacity, there is a presence and empathy that has helped me during a challenging time. twoday kapacity has shown an enormous understanding of my situation, which has been indispensable. It is clear that Kapacity’s values are not just nice words on a poster – it is a compass for all actions”, Anne says.

The corporate culture is what Anne keeps coming back to when talking to her. Because in twoday kapacity, there is room for her to be herself. And that’s important. Because Anne is always the same – whether she has an important customer meeting, stands on the sidelines of a football match with her boys, or drinks cocktails with her friends on the weekends. Anne is also in no doubt about why you should become her new colleague:

“Here you do not have to put on a mask. You can come as you are.”


Speaks and interprets

Where others see randomly composed letters, Anne sees a corporate language. So, if abbreviations like SOW, POE, CSE, CSP, PAL, OCP, SSP and TSP do not make sense to colleagues, Anne can usually step in as an interpreter. However, the linguistic intricacies are not only to the great delight of many colleagues – they also mean that Anne acts as an important link between twoday kapacity, customers, and Microsoft.

5 facts about Anne

Name: Anne Kraght

Seniority: Employed in 2018

Position: Head of Strategic Alliances

Spare time: Professional mother of boys and enjoyer of life with a love for music, travel, and champagne

Office: Copenhagen