The cloud, on-premises or hybrid?

Everyone is talking about the cloud…

…but what’s your starting point and what kind of cloud computing is right for you?

Many companies today are switching from on-premises to cloud-based solutions. In recent years, Kapacity has helped our customers to test the various options and plan both ongoing transitions to the cloud of the existing solutions and the development of new solutions, which are either built in cloud technology or are hybrid solutions with a plan for migration to the cloud later on.

There are many factors to be considered when our customers make decisions about their platform: general IT strategy, existing hardware and licenses, internal expertise and resources, solution complexity, and current and future data volumes.

We have extensive experience with many different solution sizes and there are no types of solutions that dictate which technology platform that you should choose: A relatively small Dataware House solution at a small company can be easily developed as a cloud solution if you want the least possible internal administration. A solution with very large volumes of data may, in some cases, require a level of performance that can be obtained the most economically in a cloud solution and, finally, there may be circumstances that dictate a hybrid approach.

Microsoft Azure Services

Kapacity delivers solutions based on Microsoft Azure, and we have experience with both “infrastructure as a service” and “platform as a service” architectures.

All services on Azure are developing very rapidly and we are, therefore, constantly testing the functionality and maturity of the various services in order to always have the best possible toolbox to put together the right solution for your business.

In a cloud-based Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solution, the different services can be used to optimally support the usage pattern of the organization: Services can be turned on and off to match the data flow and users’ usage, and the architecture can, therefore, also support different cost scenarios.

We have developed solutions with our large customers with large volumes of data that utilize:

  • Azure Datalake
  • Azure SQL DW
  • Azure Analysis Service
  • Power BI Service

…and smaller solutions based on the same components, but with Azure SQL DB instead of Azure SQL DW.

Kapacity Cloud Proof of Concept

If your data volumes are increasing or you find that your company’s business needs are difficult to satisfy with your current platform, then a cloud approach may be the answer.

Depending on your challenge, we can put together a Technical Proof of Concept where we test the possibilities of the various Azure services.

The list changes constantly, but it could include Azure Datalake, Azure SQL DW, Azure SQL DB, Azure Analysis Services, Power BI services, Azure Data Factory, and Azure AD, for example. We can also help you estimate the running costs for the type of solution that suits you.

A typical POC process could include:

  • Description of the business problem and decision on the scope
  • Design of a POC architecture and the establishment of the success criteria
  • Implementation of a POC with your team
  • Evaluation of the results and presentation of a decision basis
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