What if your
data platform was modern?

(Would you then have all the business-critical answers?)

Imagine if your data always held the answer to your questions – for example, whether there is a danger for downtime, your customer’s needs, and how many hours you could free up for innovation. You would have all these answers with a modern data platform in the cloud.

Let’s talk about your cloud potentials

Microsoft’s Azure data platform. Why choose it for your business?

Microsoft’s data platform is a fast, secure, and recognized platform (used by thousands of companies).

The data platform allows you to leverage large amounts of data so you can become rich in information that can potentially increase your company’s ability to innovate.

Today, most new data platforms are placed in Microsoft Azure, which is Microsoft’s cloud data platform. With Azure you get:

Built-in intelligence

Microsoft’s data platform connects your data with AI to gain a deeper insight into your business and your customers. The data platform connects analytics and AI to data to get faster and more accurate insights.

Enterprise expertise

Microsoft’s data platform gives you access to a backbone of great expertise that can help you transform your business. At the same time, you can have full confidence in security, performance, and availability.

Fast and flexible

Microsoft’s data platform is a flexible platform that provides you with faster results. You can make intelligent experiences and services that connect data and help you make better and faster decisions.

Leading in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

For the past 13 years – and most recently in 2020 – Microsoft has been appointed by Gartner as a leader in the Magic Quadrant in platforms for analysis and Business Intelligence. The report is available free of charge from Microsoft’s website.

How Krifa, Nykredit and Nordic Aviation Capital have prepared their platform for the future

We have been involved in the processes.

Krifa – a data platform that frees up time for value-creating tasks

We have helped Krifa establish a modern Microsoft solution in Azure that automates data collection and frees up time for more value-creating tasks for employees.

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Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) – better decisions with a modern data platform

NAC needed a data platform that could consolidate the growing amount of data sources into one system. We have helped them build a cloud Data Warehouse in Microsoft Azure.

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Nykredit – a data platform that provides a better opportunity to use data predictively

Nykredit had a desire to use data more predictively, which required a new and modern data platform. Together we have developed a PoC (Proof of Concept) on a new data platform.

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Go cloud. And do something good for the climate.

A study conducted by Microsoft and the consulting house WSP (2018) shows that a cloud solution from Microsoft is up to 93% more energy-efficient and up to 98% more CO2-saving than equivalent on-premise solutions.

This is partly because there are several benefits of operating large-scale data centers with advanced infrastructure technologies. The resources spent on lighting, cooling and power supply are significantly lower compared to an on-premise solution.

Your cloud data platform is powered by green energy
The consolidation of data centers in the cloud makes it worthwhile to buy large amounts of green energy. And in fact, more than 95% of Microsoft’s power consumption in the cloud comes from renewable energy. Microsoft’s goal is for 100% of electricity to be from renewable energy sources by 2025.
Read the Microsoft Sustainability Report..

Get a free cloud roadmap

Get a free cloud roadmap. And a plan for how you can approach the journey to the cloud.

Are you considering migrating your existing Data Warehouse to the cloud?
But does it seem like an unmanageable project? Then the cloud roadmap is the answer.

We offer a free and non-binding assessment of your company’s data – and an assessment of how ready your company is for making the journey to the cloud.

We will visit you and gain an understanding of everything from your company’s business to data setup and internal BI resources. Thereafter, we come up with recommendations of the steps you need to take before making the final cloud roadmap.

With a free cloud roadmap, we will help you with:

  • an assessment on data potentials and challenges
  • an assessment on how ready your company is for the cloud journey
Get a free cloud roadmap

Why do we recommend the Azure platform?

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform that consists of more than 200 different services in areas such as Analytics, AI, Machine Learning and Governance. The platform is built to match your company’s needs.

Getting started is free and you only pay for the services you use. It allows you to start small and continuously add new services when your business is ready.

FThe benefits of Azure:

  • Azure offers a good price (significantly cheaper than many of the competitors)

  • Azure is the preferred cloud provider for many larger companies – 95% of the 500 largest companies in the US (Fortune 500) use Azure.

  • Security is extremely high – Microsoft spends more than $ 1 billion annually on security.

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Get (even) more out of the Microsoft data platform

Microsoft is a large ecosystem of different services and services that work perfectly together. By combining Microsoft services, you can achieve even greater business value. Here you can see a selection of other products in the Microsoft family.

Microsoft Power BI

With Power BI, you can analyze all types of data and transform them into user-friendly dashboards that make it easy to make the right decisions – quickly.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a data platform that supports all modern companies’ requirements for new technology, security and performance.
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Microsoft PowerApps

With Power Apps, you can easily build apps that leverage the data already in your business. It is also possible to include AI and automated processes. Read more

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Are you considering getting a modern cloud data platform?

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